Top Names for Pets

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Over the years, first names for babies have gone in and out of fashion. The same holds true for pet names.


According to, for the second year in a row Max has won out for male canines. And Bella is a repeat number one choice for female dogs.


Here are the top ten name choices:


Male Dogs                                           Female Dogs


1)      Max                                              1)   Bella

2)      Charlie                                         2)    Lucy

3)      Cooper                                         3)    Daisy

4)      Buddy                                          4)    Luna

5)      Jack                                              5)    Lola

6)      Rocky                                           6)   Sadie

7)      Oliver                                           7)   Molly

8)      Bear                                              8)   Maggie

9)      Duke                                            9)    Bailey

10)    Tucker                                        10)   Sophie


According to Parade magazine, here are the top ten name choices for cats. Interesting to note that four names show up on both the top ten for cats and dogs in both the male (Max, Charlie, Oliver, Jack) and female (Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Luna) categories:


Male Cats                                            Female Cats


1)       Oliver                                           1)    Luna

2)       Milo                                              2)   Bella

3)       Leo                                               3)    Lucy

4)       Charlie                                          4)    Lily

5)       Max                                              5)    Nala

6)       Loki                                              6)    Mia

7)       Simba                                           7)    Chloe

8)       Jack                                              8)    Daisy

9)       Finn                                              9)    Gracie

10)     Oscar                                          10)    Stella 

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